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Districts regularly conduct curriculum audits to insure they have a scope and sequence of instruction that aligns with their adopted assessments. Before launching into a new technology initiative or major technology purchase it makes sense to conduct a technology audit. How is technology currently being integrated into instruction? How prepared and willing are teachers? What does instruction really look like in the classrooms, not just during planned visits, but also on a day-to-day basis? These are just a few of the questions my six-step technology audit will answer.

Dr. Pitler's Six-step Technology Audit Process

  1. Online survey sent to all instructional and administrative staff on their use and perceptions of technology
  2. Onsite observations in classrooms looking at how technology is used and research-based instructional strategies employed by students and teachers
  3. Interviews with a purposive sample of teachers and administrators at each school in the district
  4. Focus group with students
  5. Focus group with parents and community members
  6. Comprehensive audit report detailing the current state of technology integration and next steps, both immediate and long-term. The report is delivered in person to the district, and if desired, the school board or governing body.

Technology is a major line item in many schools' budgets. Make sure you are maximizing those dollars!